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With the increasing spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases(STD) in India and other countries the importance of using properly tested and quarantined semen for the treatment of infertility has attained great importance. In most developed countries the use of fresh untested semen for donor insemination has been discontinued to prevent the spread of these diseases through the insemination procedures. Stringent criteria are used to select donors and semen samples are processed and preserved under optimized conditions. All the records of semen samples and donors are meticulously maintained under strict confidentiality. Following are the details of our donor sperm bank.

Technical Details

  1. IUI ready, no further processing required.
  2. Blood group & phenotypic characters matched.
  3. Quarantined for HIV I & II, HBsAg, VDRL, HCV & Chlamydia.
  4. Screened for Thalassemia.

Quality Control

  1. Each vial contains 20_+10% million motile sperms as per American Fertility Society guidelines.
  2. Multiple inseminations with the same donor available.

Donor Selection

  1. Minimum 4 yrs college education.
  2. 20 30 yrs age group.
  3. Medical examination, genetic history & optimum semen parameters.


  1. Transported in Liquid Nitrogen Flasks.
  2. Free IUI Canula with Syringe provided with every sample.
  3. Prompt service with provision for Sundays & Holidays on prior request.
  4. Economical pricing with no compromise in quality.
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