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  1. Patient going for chemotherapy/Radiotherapy.
  2. Prior to surgery for prostate, testicular tumor.
  3. Absentee Husband during IUI or IVF cycles.
  4. Unable to collect the semen during IUI/IVF cycles.
  5. Person exposed to Occupational hazard should freeze for future use. ( Radiation, Pesticide, Paint, Chemicals, Rubber & mines)
  6. Prior to Vasectomy.
  7. In severe oligospermia, pooling of multiple vials for ART.
  8. Young person who wants to marry / start a family at a later date can freeze now as insurance.
  1. CBC, HIV I & II, HbSAg, HepatitisC, Chlamydia, VDRL.
  1. Ideally abstinence for 3-5days
  2. Collection of semen sample by masturbation only.
  3. While collecting ensure no spillage.

Note:   Long term Sperm storage facility available.

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